1. Shears that embodies, strength & quality with easy leaf plucking in the Tea/Coffee fields.

  2. Carbon steel blades in toxidised finish. The carbon steel blades have a self sharpening action that retains the cutting edge & saves frequent sharpening expenses & tensions.

  3. Shear trays in perforated one piece moulded fibre glass reinforced at revetting points or in thick aluminium anodised sheet. Fibre glass density 300 gm/m2 & aluminium in 18G/20G.

  4. Shear trays detouchable from carbon steel blades with Hardened/ground pivot pin or in nut & bolt fixture this reduces any possibility of stem shredding even while close sharp cutting of leaves.

  5. The carbon steel blade handles in light weight non-corrosive aluminium alloy or in polished wooden frame could withstand roughest handling.

  6. Ensuring greater output with minimised labour cost.


Carbon Steel Shear Blade 3mm wide x 20mm length 
Perforated Alum. Tray/Fibre glass - 9" x 8" x 3 or 10" x 9" x 3" 
Tray location to blade left or right as required.
Wooden/Alum handle - 25mm tubular/230 to 300mm long
Grip - injection moulded
Weight 750 gm each.

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