GSM SNGLE ANGLE CUTTERS for helical milling of Sinhal segments/rolls are made with M 15 steel (synonymous to VG Steel), a tough grade which gives longer life to the tool even when worked on stainless steel.

GSM cutters, size 3" X 5/8" X 1.1/4" are available with 55, 60, 62, 65, 68, 70 LH & RH angles with appropriate tool geometry. They are spacially designed to cut stainless steel with minimum cutting loads. This ensures longer tool life.

GSM CHASERS for chasing grooves in Sinhal segments/rolls are also made from M 15 steel and manufactured to the exacting standards required by the Tea Industry. These are available with 6TPI,8 TPI or 10 TPI in"U" and "V" profiles.

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