Sinhal's coal strokers are of power & allied design prototype. There are endless articulate grate, driven forward at uniform rate by 3 hp motor through a suitable gear system, the rate being varied by a variable speed dc motor, coal is fed at one end of the grate, the thickness of the feed being regulated by a heavy duty refractory lined C.I fire door. Air for combustion passes through spaces between the links, which are so arranged to provide adequate passage of air while allowing min. of riddings to pass through them.

The regualted layer of coal on the links, as enters the furnace/arch, is heated by the radiation from the furnace gases & the arch ignition. The fuel bed continues to burn as it moves to the rear end & as the combusion progresses the bed becomes thinner. At the end of the bed the ash is discharged into the ashpit as the link bed forming the grate surface passes over the rear roller.


  1. Sinhal strokers automate/mechanise the process of coal feeding into the heaters thus eliminating the hand feed, this saves on coal wastage with continuous feed & rock steady even heater temperature which is most essential. Our stroker provides 75 kgs of coal feed on a run of every 1hr 20 mins.
  2. Strokers are suitable for free burning coal having a top size of .518" high upto 35% through 118". Even give flexibility of use of dust coal which otherwise is not possible with the use of our strokers we give an assured reduction of 25% in coal consumption from existing .5 to .8 kgs of coal usage per kg of made tea. We try to utilise the most out of the fuel through our strokers for our clients.
  3. Total stroker made of M.S plates & frames, links & support of heat resistance casting.
  4. Self supporting & can be easily placed on prepared pinth or a fabricated support as the weight of the equipment is approx 2mt.
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