Sinhal's Cut tear Curl tea processing machine for optimum output is approved by Tea Board. Sinhal's CTC is the ultimate & most modern of the CTC population worldwide, lot of new features have been incorporated based on our long & vast experience in the tea industry from last three decades.


  1. Low height machine for better maintenance & supervision, easier roller changing, matching & meshing. Normal height machine also trailor made.

  2. Heavy duty cast iron pedestal which minimises vibration & provides rigidity. All parts of 304 grade S. steel & all pinions hard chromed.

  3. Stainless steel blade spreader provided at the middle of conveyor, & for operating it a single handle provided along with top conveyor roller by v pulley & v belt. This helps in easy, safe & smooth running of the CTC machine.

  4. Auto De jamming as previous model to protect the machine & improvised clutch system to easily run & stop conveyor belt.

  5. New food grade pvc conveyor belt which minimises recurring cost of maintenance & gives longer life.

  6. Heavy ceramic magnets fitted over the feed belt to protect from foreign particles & is easily cleaned by lifting the magnet unit.

  7. Z type S.steel guard for spill proof, no deposition & accumulation of tea, no lump formation due to movable covers & moving Conveyors throughout.

  8. Cold air from behind the rollers controls leaf temperature.

  9. Rollers in new cage units saves time while removed for sharpening & provided with lifting tackle & chain pulley block. H.S & S.S rollers interchangable thus maximising the use of segments.

  10. Runs on heavy duty gear box & propellor shaft. Motor HP 20 or 15. Speed 720 RPM.

  Jumbo /30" Jumbo /36" 9.5" & 8.5" /30" 9.5" & 8.5" /36"
Feed 900W4876L 1050W4876L 900W4876L 1050W4876L
Sub' cuts 900W6096L 1050W6096L 900W5790L 1050W5790L
Moving con' 900W2030L 1050W2030L 900W1830L 1050W1830L
  13" jumbo/30" 13" jumbo/36" 9.5" & 8.5"/30" 9.5" & 8.5"/36"
  3cut  4 cut 3cut  4 cut 3cut  4 cut 3cut  4 cut
Length 10481/13122 10481/13122 9908/12346 9908/12346
Width 2245/2245 2400/2400 2245/2400 2400/2400
Height 1090  1090  1040  1040 
Output weight 1000-1100 kgs 1100-1200 kgs 800-900 kgs 1000-1100 kgs

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